This weekend at Secrets Hideaway... Today at 11am starts our first clothing optional pool party of the weekend. The weather is HOT, the drinks are COLD, the food is GREAT and the view is SPECTACULAR. As the sun gets hotter, try one of our drink or bucket specials to quench your thirst. Tonight is our Dark Nights Dungeon Party. Have a secret??? Have a fetish??? Come to Secrets Hideaway tonight and share your deepest, darkest fantasy as we share our lighter side of Kink. Friday night is on fire as our Dark Nights Dungeon Party is kicking up ashes. Come dressed for a Kinky night as we celebrate our Kinkster and Swing Lifestyles coming together for a Hot night. Lots of demonstrations both in the Dungeon and Club Secret, don't miss your chance to be tied up or enjoy a bit of a brush with the BDSM side of Spice.

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Lifestyle Kinkster = Fun Fun Fun
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