Question, my wife and me are interested in a threesome with another guy but she’s left it up to me to choose the guy, how do y’all go about asking other guys and bringing up the subject? Any thoughts and help is appreciated she picked the last two so now it’s my turn

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Ask him first how open minded he is . Try and find out if they’ve been in a situation like that before, you would be surprised how many guys are just shy about bringing it up . You have to be the one , no regrets ;)
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pick out the guy ok. but let your talk to him too .
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I like what the other guy said but the way I go about it is I like to I like to find guys I'm comfortable with if you're comfortable with someone bring me the man is not that hard plus it makes it so much more fun if you feel any discomfort bring it up for this to work everybody has to be open and respectful if they're not open it's okay it's not for them but if they're not respectful don't put yourself or your partner whoever it may be through it it ruins everybody's night
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You just did bring it up.
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