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How do y'all deal with protection at swing events. I love being filled up, but that's not safe. I mainly worry about herpes. Since it's not deadly like HIV, I have concerns that strangers won't be up front and honest. Thoughts?
Any table-top RPG players on the site? We've run games together for years. We love the escapism and eroticism of roleplaying - and have long fantasized about another couple joining our table, delving into some sexually charged storyline - and eventually moving on with said couple to the bedroom (or sex swing.)
So most people think their first swinging encounter is gonna end up just like their favorite porno. Anyone had a bad experience? Parter gets jealous, ect?
what is/was everyone's initial fear about starting the lifestyle, also what has been something you were surprised you were into if anything???
Maybe this Saturday we'll be going to YKW? Anyone interested in meeting up with us there?
Sooo we're going to TRS Yukatan in Cancun at the end of may. Anyone know of any swinger bars near there?
We are heading to Ohio Swings on Saturday night, hope to see some of you there!! We are always up for visiting new clubs, does anyone have any recommendations?
Any peeps going to Seacoast Swings event Saturday (Feb. 20, 2021) night that will be coming from Bedford/Manchester, NH that would want to share a ride with us?? Message us.
Have any one ever been to Pandoraís Forest in Tennessee? We are thinking about going this summer, any info would be appreciated!
Okay peeps I need some feedback from you guys and gals. Iíve been married for 53 years now with the last 15 years with no sexual activity. Mate not interested in sex at all and Iím worried about embarrassing myself if I try to hook up with someone and canít perform. Comments?
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