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Are you in Vegas tonight or Wed to Saturday night week? if yes come join our sexy Multi level suite party tonight only 10 tickets left for couples and single women and 3 for single men. Please don't message call or text or visit our site for faster reply as we might not check the site in time. www.PurrfectLv.com 702-743-1170
So we are a young couple and wanting to venture out. We have no idea how to start. I guess this is our best first step. Any suggestions for beginners?! ?
My husband proposed this question to a lady friend so I want to know from just the ladies what your answer would be? The question was if you had him for a weekend and he had to do whatever you told him ladies and he could not say no what would you have him to do? Pic for attention only oh and being a maid is an answer that you could say
restrictions lifting in manitoba are favorable for a small orgy!!!! whos in? :P
NH Camping Trip I'm open to ideas where to camp let me hear you're suggestions 07/02 to 07/11 Friday July 2 6pm- Sunday July 11th 11am I'm setting this up for a few reasons. 1. Relax 2. Meet and Greet 3. Have Fun 4. Go fishing 5. swimming 6. Fire 7. Party 8. Pairing couples with couples 9. 4th of July 10. 10. My birth day July 7th ill be 33 12 Top-Rated Campgrounds in New Hampshire https://www.planetware.com/new-hampshire/top-rated-campgrounds-in-new-hampshire-us-nh-21.htm **Ok so the camp site doesn't have to be on the list just post one you like to go to or have gone to and like ill hold the vote until June 26th then the majority rules.** I have supplies tents, air mattresses, sleeping bags, cooking stuff, propane camping grill, propane tanks, I like cooking :P Dues 25 per person that's it Sincerely Aaron
If you watch porn or if you watch porn as a couple what is your favorite type to watch?
Has anyone been to Hedonism in Jamaica? If so, do you have any tips for me?
Is there a Swingers Club close to the Greenville SC area?
Has anyone here gone on a "lifestyle" cruise? Just wanting to gather some pros & cons.
Has anyone else noticed that a woman is far more willing to share her man or let him play, than a man is willing to share his wife or let her play? Like most men are DOWN for a 3some...ffm, but not a mfm.
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