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Hi Everyone, we are heading to our first group party. Any recommendations of what to expect? Any thing we should look out for? We have limited experience and most of our meets have been with couples. We are excited and nervous at the same time.
We are going to be in Tampa next weekend (9th). Any suggestions on where to go?
Question for the day: Men, regardless of sexual orientation, would you or do you wear thongs? Ladies, do you like or want to see men in them?
Im thinking of trying a d.p. for the first time. Have had anal and of course vaginal. But how do I fit two? My husband I very big!! Does that make the"outher hole" smaller? Ladies I need advise.
We are looking to go on a winter vacation to either temptation or desire. Has anyone been to either or both? Which is better?
NEED YOUR HELP SWINGTOWNS FAMILY... Just encountered a very strange and I mean very strange couple...We did a meet and greet in a public place and proceeded to a private residence afterwards... During our sipping and laughter a request was made by the male... He asked could he watch me play with both women... During this play he became violent(for what reason it beats me)... He became violent towards his wife because he said she was enjoying and moaning more when I penetrate her than she ever has with him... How do I handle this due to the fact that he knows where I live and she is scared to leave with him... At this present moment she is still at my residence... Someone please help cause I would hate for this to turn very uuugly for him!!!
Question for those with experience. How do you tactfully ask people you just met at an event and are interested in playing with if they are free of STD's? We had our first swinging experience a few weeks back and discovered that we didn't know a good way to ask without ruining the mood, but we also decided to refrain from hard swapping until we figure it out. Obviously condoms are a must with those we don't know well, but we like to play smart.
We may be a bit uptight. We completely read your profile, especially before attempting to meet, even for coffee under the sun. If you state your physical preferences, which we believe will come into play where sex is concerned, ironlion will take personal inventory. If we don't fit the parameters, we fall back. Should we not see preferences as hard lines? We aren't sure if we're missing out. Any advice?
Am I the only one that is completely frustrated with those filthy men that claim to be "flying solo" or they say "my wife is out of town" OMFG!!! It drives me nuts!! How do you feel about these creepers?
So you go to a party and find that things are going on that you truly do not appreciate (ie, excessive alcohol use, illegal drug activity). Afterwards you get re-invited do you go? How would you answer someone who asks about this location, should you let them make up their own mind or give them a heads up on what you seen? We all know how rumors can start, so responding in a tactically way is probably the best way so how would you do it?
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