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For my NC Friends.....Have you and your spouse or significant other ever gone to a Adult Store? (Particularly in the theater area) If so can you recommend one?
Unicorn hunting. It seems like there is no such thing as a woman to join a couple for a threesum without bringing an extra guy (turnoff for him) or being a pro or too far out (turnoff for me) . Do mww threesums really happen or is that all just fake? Sure dont happen in Denver ?
New to the lifestyle. How does everyone feel about the risks of contracting stds? Its obviously a risk that comes with the lifestyle. But are there any couples out there that carry anything? If so, how do you go about disclosure and protection while maintaining your dignity? What about attitude and judgement. Have you had good/bad experiences?
Here's my take on how to decide who to get kinky with. Have you ever had a kinky date get a little... weird? https://swingtowns.com/blog/fetish/think-kink/
Iíll be in Edmonton this Saturday.... Any place that you can suggest ? Thanks in advance
Any adult Halloween party's in the kcmo area?
What are some of the dishonest tricks people pull to get you to meet? I've seen men posing as women, I've seen guys lie about their cock size, and people post 10-year old pics. What else?
This is for my fetish/kink friends out there: As you know, I'm an erotic author. What do you think about fisting? Sexy or no? Is that something you think erotica/erotic romance readers would enjoy reading about? <3
So, I was reading up on all the SwingTowns blogposts and saw this article: https://swingtowns.com/blog/sex/guys-using-sex-toys/ If I were to buy a sex toy as a gift for a man, what would you recommend? I mean, for me, shopping for women is no problem, but I think - or I feel - that men might be pickier about their sex toys. (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.) Thoughts?
Bit of a kinky question: would it be possible for a male to sever the physical and emotional connection between sexual stimulation and ejaculation. Essentially, allowing him to perform almost indefinitely, only ejaculating on command, perhaps even without being erect?Training? Hypnosis? Ideas?
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