Okay, I saw this article on the blog and had to ask... Have you ever been to a swinger club, and if so, what was your first time to a swinger club like? :) https://swingtowns.com/blog/swingers/first-time-at-a-swinger-club/

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yes we belong to the Bashful and Bold here in Ottawa. We first went as a couple back in 2007. We go twice a month now to meet a regular couple
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I`m actually starting a swinger`s club of my own. My wife and I are forming Mid-South Meeting Place, and are planning to start recruiting members in a few weeks. We`re planning several outings, including a camp-out weekend. We`re renting some property in the country, setting up tents, having a bon-fire, beer, food, and music. Gonna be a blast. Went to a swinger`s club in South Carolina once, and found out it wasn`t as advertised, so we decided to simply start our own.
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No I actually have not myself this my first time trying to see how things work
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Yes, we went to one here locally and it was not the best experience. Most of the people there were cliquish and we were pretty much left to ourselves. They spent most of the time sitting at their tables. Not much action going on ( I wasn't expecting Sodom and Gomorrah, but not a morgue in the back either). We finally decided we would take up one of the rooms and have a little fun ourselves. I think a few people looked in the window briefly. Afterwards there was a few more people getting busy but not very many. We would like to give it another chance but hopefully at a different place where the people are at least a little more friendly.
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No I haven't. Won't 2
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Yes. My first time was at a club near Cincinnati. Being a single guy, I was not quite sure what to expect. I went on a Thursday evening. Not a large crowd that night, but it picked up after 10:00 PM. Two couples invited me to play with them. We all had a great time!
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Have been to one there isn't really any close to us
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