I wrote about how having sex with others makes my husband and I want each other more on Greatist. Do you also find this to be true? Are you full swap only? Or are you allowed to play apart like we are? Here's the link. Tell me what it's like for you! https://greatist.com/live/my-open-marriage

hidden - login Delaware - Couple With Bi Female

We play together and just the thought of her fucking another man or me fucking another woman makes us want to tear each other apart when we fuck
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hidden - login Tennessee - Straight Couple

We can play alone or separate. I love watching her... That's a big turn - on... But I also love hearing her relate to me what she done with someone else in private.
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hidden - login North Carolina - Couple With Bi Female

We play together and alone with a different partner. Honestly, I find it more hot to watch him and LOVE when he comes with me and watches me fuck another man. The sex when we get home is super hot!
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hidden - login Chiang Mai - Straight Couple

We like to watch my wife with new people
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