how do you jump in on meet and greets? I am very new and nervous

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We nervous also too. But excited to meet.
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As you make friends you will get invited also event section on the site
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Once you find out there is one just go and say hi. Just by nature everyone should be friendly and accepting so don't worry , smile, and enjoy meeting like minded people.
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Good Morning Luvangel. Best advice we can give is to just relax and go with the understanding that others attending the Meet and Greet are there for the same reasons as yourself. When attending, the host or hostess should be able to help you fit in by introducing you to some of the others. Avoid topics such as religion, politics and stick to basic small talk. Your nervousness will fade as you feel more comfortable and can relax. Hope it all works out for you my dear.
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Relax everyone been there. Don't try to be something your not. No one except you to a sex goodness but if you are that fun too. Lol!! Take it slowly it about having a great time with new friends. If sex happen great also.
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Just jump in and ask sweetie
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If you show up people will talk to you, just relax and know what you're looking for but be open to other ideas also.... and have fun
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hmmmm....just go. It's not really that complicated. You show up, you meet people, it's social event. That's it.
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