Hi Everyone, we are heading to our first group party. Any recommendations of what to expect? Any thing we should look out for? We have limited experience and most of our meets have been with couples. We are excited and nervous at the same time.

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We've been lucky in finding the company we keep, and the house parties that we have been attending we are now regulars of. They are as much social as they are sexual, and often we find that little groups disappear and rejoin at random. I don't know what your rules are but we have made it clear that parties are a time to enjoy whoever you are with, and we are happy to play with other people separately. Essentially, don't be afraid to flirt with the strangers and see where it leads, either as a couple or alone. And also don't be afraid to move the sexual experience along if it's starting to get a little late, or you might find yourselves or potential playmates passing out before the fun.
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