Hey ST, we have a question for you. Have you ever tried using a “hall pass”? If so how did you do it? We have always been with couples, same room and wonder if a hall pass can work. Is it for a set amount of time, one use anytime...do you discuss it afterwards or not? What do you do if one is successful and the other isn’t? Looking for perspectives, open to all responses but please let us know if you have tried this or thought about it. Thanks in advance.

hidden - login Washington - Straight Couple

we have not tried it probable wont
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hidden - login British Columbia - Straight Couple

Never did
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hidden - login Alberta - Straight Couple

We have progressed from only couples, same room but over the last 7 years evolved into same or seperate, couples, or hall passes with select singles. As with all lifestyle arrangements as long as everyone is happy and safe and there is lots of communication, it works. But everyone is different so whatever you are comfy with
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hidden - login Tennessee - Couple With Bi Female

Thats actually how we started out. It has never been an issue. We do get to approve each others choices.
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hidden - login Kentucky - Straight Couple

yes it ok. have to bring it to a extra bed room at home. no motel or clubs.
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hidden - login Alberta - Couple With Bi Female

We can play together or separately; it just adds heat to our sex!
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hidden - login Indiana - Couple With Bi Female

We are open and if the situation is right we are ok with separate rooms and even FWB
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hidden - login British Columbia - Couple With Bi Female

We only play together, we derive huge pleasure from watching and helping each other give and receive!
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