Hello to all our sexy swingers! We had a bunch of beach bums walking around the Beach Party Event enticing all of our eyes. The weather is starting to get cooler and itís making for the perfect atmosphere here. The next event is THIS Saturday the 26th! We love to have a little contest here at the white rose every few months. This next contest is for who thinks they have the sexiest ass? As always when you win a contest you get a certificate notifying everyone who sees it that YOU, won the contest. That also entitles you to your next party entrance is waived. Meaning A FREE NIGHT for you! This Friday, the 25th is our monthly Meet & Greet! If you are new to the lifestyle and want to learn what you need to know to have fun in the lifestyle, stop on by! If you want to meet open minded people in a no pressure environment and play some fun games, stop on by! We want to make the events even more fun for everyone. We are upping our game on decoration for each party. Take a look at our upcoming events and If y

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Is there a party on 9/2 or 9/16th Sorry away for 9/9 Is there a party 9/2 or 9/16
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