Hello! Thanks for taking a look at us. Recently, after years of marriage, my wife was wondering how I compared to other men in regards to size. I always thought I was avg. She then googled "penis size calculator" and ran my measurements (7.25 in length, and 6 inches in circumference.) Go ahead, look for yourself....Am I really in the 99th percentile? Anyway, she then found a link from Huff Post,on the perfect size women prefer, nd it looks like I'm just outside the perfect size. She then said I'd be perfect for a woman 5' 5" or shorter. She now gets super turned on when she thinks about having another woman having to take me in....so, that's why we're here...I don't know what to think of the numbers, but if you are looking for a good length AND girth to stretch your pussy....send us a msg.

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