Bit of a kinky question: would it be possible for a male to sever the physical and emotional connection between sexual stimulation and ejaculation. Essentially, allowing him to perform almost indefinitely, only ejaculating on command, perhaps even without being erect?Training? Hypnosis? Ideas?

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Maybe, if he had zen training or some such. I personally could not...I find the scent of good pussy would make me go haywire from the gate.
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Lots of practice
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The body can have a ruined orgasm without any direct stimulation.
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It is definitely possible with training. However, feeling the passion and arousal of my partner is a huge part of my own stimulation. If he severed that for the sake of longevity it may last longer but the quality of the experience would decrease.
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I would love that
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Yes possible. Asian training in many forms of martial arts and mind training. I can take heart rate to near 30 in controlled situation. Just learning to control body and mind. But who wants to not enjoy SEX!!!!!!!
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There's a Japanese Training Method nothing men go through where they get stimulated and just before ejaculation stop and resist once the sensation subsides they then repeat the process they do this many times over several years giving him the ability to prolong their ejaculation and have more control over it this technique also does not require them to let go of any passion for the moment only gives them control over when they ejaculate. I can say I have practice this technique for quite some time and I have been able to prevent myself I'm getting off but only a few times after resisting it a few times it gets very difficult however an additional side effect is that during round 2 and 3 the time it takes to get to that point increases dramatically.
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He'll no lol
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Yes it is possible i know someone who trained themselves.
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