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WET DREAMS - I am a female in my mid-forties and engage in a very active sex life. Recently I have started having quite a few wet-dreams as well. Perhaps as many as I did when I was a teenager.- http://ifsexmatters.co.uk/multiple-wet-dreams/ What about you guys and girls - have you found a resurgence of this nocturnal orgasm as you get older?
Everyone's looking for a unicorn.... What do you like/want to do if/when you find one?
Anyone going to be in the Pigeon Forge area the 17th??? Possible get together for drinks and see where it goes
When doing MFM (the hetero, all focused on the woman kind) what do you all think is the best way to proceed? Do you get together and just go at it, or talk through it as you go (i.e., ok you go here, now let's try this, where do you want me, etc.) ? We are about to do another one. The last time we had a lot more talking and discussion in round one, but it caused a lot of stops and starts. We don't have a single scripted fantasy to play out. Do most of you? Do you discuss it ahead of time? Maybe I'm a control freak who likes to over-communicate. Also, if the extra guy gets has to ve redirected, how does that look? I have fairly delicate parts. Sometimes I think I may be the worst swinger ever! Thoughts?? -the Mrs
Here's a snippet from my newest menage novella, released August 9: http://adrianakraft.com/?p=7956
Anyone else going to fantasy fest?
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ARE WE FRIENDS ON PINTEREST YET? We should be ;) goo.gl/iRCTfP
GUESS WHAT? The new #GOODSEX podcast is here: https://goo.gl/QWMiPv Let's do it together!
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