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Does your partner love watching him/her in the mirror while having SEX?? Please be honest!!!
Question from a couple of beginners. We're very new to this (i.e. zero experience yet) we are planning on attending a swinger event next month, however we are setup for having drinks with one of my wifes old hookups this weekend. Plans were meet for drinks then watching the two of them hook up afterwards.We are torn and felt we should come to more experienced people for advice. Is a one-on-one hook up a good start? Or is the party the place to possibly "pop our cherry"?Thanks folks,Tiki and Clown
Saw this on another post. Do you kiss others, or save it for your partner? For H and myself kissing goes hand in hand with foreplay.
Do you prefer younger or older swingers? Does age really matter at all? After all it is just a number!
For men and women do you like to get teased to the point of Cumming and than they stop and start over and why???
Has anyone ever used frozen fruit on there partner?
We are going to Desire riveria maya mexico next week. it is a clothing optional resort. We are very excited and a little nervous. We have never done anything like this before but are super pumped about the opportunities that await us!! Have anyone been there before? What did you think? I will post about our trip when we return!
How many of you like to have your partner shaved?
So we are all here, lets cut to the core with this question; What secret desire do you want to try? What is the nastiest thing you have ever done and how did it feel? What do you want to try but haven't told anyone? If not here and now when?
What is your woman's view on being right there seeing your man getting it on with another woman during your foursome?
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