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Ladies - what is your favorite foreplay move that makes you wet and hot? What does it for you? My personal fav is fingering with clit stimulation. Any others?
Pro and cons of Vegas swing clubs?
Is there any meet and greets in Wyoming or Montana?
What's cuckolding like from the wife's perspective? Empowering? Fun? Would love to read some stories on what it's like and whether you feel it can be done in a healthy way.
Hello everyone. Just putting this out there. -Anybody in my area (Schenectady NY) interested in training with me? I need a workout partner. For capoeira mainly, plus other things..?
Is anyone else going to Swingstock next week?
Anyone know of a place in Northern Colorado that's poly friendly? Not even just for dating. Friends are scarce around these parts and some nonjudgmental conversation would be a nice change of pace if ya know what I mean.
Are you in Vegas tonight or Wed to Saturday night week? if yes come join our sexy Multi level suite party tonight only 10 tickets left for couples and single women and 3 for single men. Please don't message call or text or visit our site for faster reply as we might not check the site in time. www.PurrfectLv.com 702-743-1170
So we are a young couple and wanting to venture out. We have no idea how to start. I guess this is our best first step. Any suggestions for beginners?! ?
My husband proposed this question to a lady friend so I want to know from just the ladies what your answer would be? The question was if you had him for a weekend and he had to do whatever you told him ladies and he could not say no what would you have him to do? Pic for attention only oh and being a maid is an answer that you could say
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