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LuLu 7+ Wand Massager *or* Yarosi Cordless Wand Massager? Which one is better? Or are they the same? They look the same, and are price comparable, but I'm hoping someone on here has tried both vibrators and has an opinion on the better choice. <3 Please let me know so I know which one to buy... <3
Peyton is coming home tonight and I really want to have great sex but he was gone too long and I used the entire basket of toys including the large suction cup dildo in the shower and my pussy needs a day or two of rest!!! Any other beautiful women out there ever fuck themselves so much and hard they need to rest?
Your advice for going to a swinger club for the first time? Have you had any bad experiences? I read this article, so I thought I'd ask. https://blog.swingtowns.com/swingers/first-time-at-a-swinger-club/
Hey ST, we have a question for you. Have you ever tried using a “hall pass”? If so how did you do it? We have always been with couples, same room and wonder if a hall pass can work. Is it for a set amount of time, one use anytime...do you discuss it afterwards or not? What do you do if one is successful and the other isn’t? Looking for perspectives, open to all responses but please let us know if you have tried this or thought about it. Thanks in advance.
How many of the ladies out there enjoy giving oral sex as much as they enjoy getting oral sex????
How many couples out there meet new couples for diner and drinks and decide that night to take things further? How many of you prefer to wait for a few meetings first?
I need some advice friends! How do I get my husband on board with all the fantasies I have of becoming a part of the lifestyle? We have almost been married a year, but have been together for about 4 years. He's told me he is concerned one of us could develop unwanted feelings for someone we play with, and that may potentially damage our relationship. I understand where he's coming from, but at the same time I feel we have built enough trust and love each other so much that it would never be a problem. I would never want him to be uncomfortable or do anything he's not ready for, but I'm DYING to have an experience at least once! Where do I go from here?!
We will be in Calgary on August 23. Any suggestions on where to go?
What is the most interesting toy(dildo or vibrator) that you have been pleasantly surprised with? We have many toys we barely use anymore, as most are similar to each other.
So I want some opinions and feedback here. My girlfriend and I are new to all this and have yet to do anything. We are not jealous, worried, or concerned about the other with another person. It is silly really, we are more self-conscious of our bodies. I can't or rather won't bring up her issues with herself since they are well...hers and she can do this if she feels the need. I can honestly say that do not I feel as if I am unattractive. Rather it is my size (wow big shocker there right?) like most other men. I am in no way BIG, I am average to small I would say. SO.... Does it matter? I have never had a problem giving my GF or any other woman multiple orgasms. But, I have always feel like with just a few more inches (Length
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