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Confession: I liked to be spanked. <3 https://swingtowns.com/blog/fetish/domestic-discipline-wants-spank-let/ “He wants to spank me. Should I let him?” I tend to respond with questions of my own… “Do you want him to?” I’m a firm believer in CONSENT. Without consent, discipline becomes abuse. I do not mean the occasional impassioned plea to not be disciplined as uttered in the moments when discipline is imminent, but the overall consent that you give to your partner before the discipline aspect of the relationship even begins. It is a discussion that must had before transitioning into it. You share your expectations with your partner. He or she shares his or her expectations with you. It’s all clearly laid out. Questions are asked, and answers are provided.
Sharing fantasies isn't always easy... https://swingtowns.com/blog/swingers/share_fantasies_partner/#.WNQ0CTgrFiM.link Many of us have been there. The pounding heart, the twisting stomach, the need to share our true sexual longings versus the overwhelming anxiety keeping us silent because our significant other might get upset— Do we take the risk? Do we share our deepest, darkest bedroom fantasies?
Our next adventure will be to a games night, either IT or 4play. Strip poker and truth or dare. Who's been?
Cancun here we come in April!!! Anyone else thinking of going?
taboo red deer who is going?
What to do on a snowy day off in Chicago? Troll swingtowns... Hope everyone is having a good day!
Is it ok for your partner to have a best friend -- of the opposite sex?
Would you have sex in an outrageous location (i.e. plane, elevator, etc)?
What words do you want to hear during lovemaking?
Just a thought.... Has anyone actually been part of a full blown orgy? Or just something in porn movies and fantasies? Watched " How to plan an orgy in a small town" Funny movie.
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