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Hello everyone got a quick question has anyone on here been to the porn theater over in Bremerton Adults Only an what did you think of it? We just moved back to the area and were thinking about checking it out
How come you can send all kinds of messages but get zero responses?
Whats your opinion on hall passes?
Does anyone pnp anymore???
Plans for Canada day holidays??
Anybody know of any dogging sights in Spokane?
Alrighty....hubs thought I was insane when I told him what all I was in to!!! Over the years he has loosened up with some of the things I wanted him to try with me. However; when we have the Dpp conversation he tries his best to avoid it. Y? It took me a minute to make him understand that a woman's body, if taken care of properly, will go back to normal. Now it's almost like there is some type of insecurity there.. what's going on and how do I reassure him that this is all strictly for our pleasure in the bedroom and nothing else?? Help me out everyone. plz.
Has anyone been to the o zone or club m4 in toronto? My husband, girlfriend and I were thinking of checking them out soon. Any advise, likes, dislikes or suggestions?
This site looked so much more promising. Any advice on how to navigate as a single male trying to get back in the swing game?
Hi folks. Very new to this and wondering : weve had some folks express interest in us from across the country as far as the pacific coast. How exactly does that work. People really fly across the country to hook up?
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