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Do you want the people at your meet an greet to look like their profile picture?
So we've been at this for about a year now. I was thinking over all the adventures and realized we've had a lot of fun but also learned some tough lessons. There are some swingers that have been in the lifestyle for a long time. How about sharing some lessons so we can all learn from them?I'll go first... Do not get a non-refundable hotel room. Because the best laid plans fall through too.
Is seeing a guy's picture as the primary profile pic for a couple a turn-off? I know I tend to at a minimum be leery that it's even a couple when I see that for whatever reason and definitely not the norm.
A curious question, and one I have not seen. is there a way to secretly recognize a person or couple who may be part of the lifestyle while out in public? Perhaps a sign of some sorts? Often thought of such things while passing a lady or a couple in the grocery store or maybe in a retail setting. Any and all thoughts would be helpful and appreciated, thank you and happy swinging!
Men:What part of a woman do find most attractive? Ladies, same question, most attractive ofa woman and on aa male? Looking forward to these answers!!!
To all bisexual female swingers: what is your favorite part about playing with a woman? What you do like to have your male partner do, in a FFM threesome?
Curious as to others' opinions...especially the ladies"CamelToe"...Ladies and gentlemen, what is your opinion. Kinda hot? Trashy? Private vs public? Personally, I love when she has on the yoga pants and I can see the full outline. On the other hand....I would probably tell her to "fix that" before we go to mom's for dinner. lolOh, and is there a nicer name for it? lol
Girls watch hardcore porn???I enjoy watching many types of hardcore porn, sometimes with Louis, or with friends, even alone. I like bi and gay porn: both girl on girl and guy on guy, bondage, just about anything... minus poop, not into poop, kind of things. I find it gives me many new ideas, rekindles old fetishes, and just makes me wet. Hubby isn't into the M4M stuff but he knows it turns me on at times. Of the close friends we swing, swap, and play with not many of the other gals are as into porn as I am. Am I just an odd duck or are there other gals that sometimes just like to watch?
Would you consider booking Pros for Threesomes?It seems like talking about open relationships, threesomes and polyamory is all over the news over the past year.How to go about having that threesome of our fantasies?If you’re interested in as uncomplicated a threesome as you can find, do you think that an escort is likely your best bet ??? We strong believe that an escort isn’t going to be a threat to the relationship - hell, they won’t be interested in being a threat - and has a vested interest in our satisfaction (they will always appreciate cultivating repeat customers, lol) and mutual safety (for obvious reasons).” But why should a couple choose to try nonmonogamous sexytimes by hiring a male escort? You know,,, Louis and I have toyed with the idea of hiring a male escort for a threesome before. We thought, why not hire a pro? lol... the best way to have a threesome is to have everyone equally excited for it !!! the key to a positive experience.Open discussion.... xoxo Celine
I think the idea of dogging sounds hot. Has anyone tried it?Tell me about it if you have...
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