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“I like being watched…” A little tease from our #polyamory short story, “Hot to the Touch,” coming Sunday to Extasy Books! http://adrianakraft.com/?p=7908
I am a sex & intimacy coach and psychologist who has spent the last 30 years working with individuals , couples and poly groups to help the, create their ideal intimate relationships. Kink knowledgable, work in person, skype and telephone. Check out my youtube channel podcast for Sex Spoken Here. Interested in exploring
"A Wildfire continues raging across my body..." Excerpt from The Diary, Menage Erotic Romance Novel: http://adrianakraft.com/?p=7897
Are you a woman looking for other women in the swinger lifestyle? Check out Girls Night Out THIS Friday at Bowery Bliss! This special event runs from 8-10pm.
Is anyone going to the a perfect circle show in Toronto at the ACC in November?
Double Trouble coming from Adriana Kraft! We have two erotic menage romance stories coming in three weeks - here's more about them, and an excerpt: http://adrianakraft.com/?p=7876
Who is planning a trip to Desire Resort in August? We plan on being there!
Here's a suggestion for unicorn hunters. If you're searching for a bi unicorn, wouldn't it make sense for the "bi" femme partner who wants the "bi" experience to be the one to contact the unicorn? I honestly have to laugh at all the male-dominated couples' profiles seeking unicorns where the femme sits indifferently off in the distance hoping her guy finds a unicorn. Ladies, get off your diva ass and contact the unicorn yourselves! Afterall, if she's bi, she's checking out the femme and her apparent interest level. Everyone complains that they can't find a unicorn, when the solution is soooo apparent. Big pet peev.
Anyone know anything about gspot in Providence?
An erotic menage excerpt "Tongue me, girl!" from Three of Cups: Full Circle is posted at our blog today: http://adrianakraft.com/?p=7865
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