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How many of you like to have your partner shaved?
Question! How many men or women love to give blow jobs? And not receive anything in return? Please be honest!!
To the unicorns: what is your favorite part about being with a couple? What do you look for in a couple/play partner?
Anyone else have a bit of a shoe and boot fetish?
How kinky is too kinky? Where do you draw the line? We say no kids....no animals....no scat but hell ya to pretty much everything else :)
This is mostly out of curiosity. Ladies: What is your lifestyle fantasy? Something that gets you turns you on and makes you wet when you think about doing it? I have been lucky enough to be involved with someone who has prior experience in the lifestyle has made several of my fantasies cum true already and continues to do so. A fantasy of mine involves us and several men. I want to have as many guys as possible, partner included,take turns with me... (pussy, anal, mouth), fingering,fisting, making me squirt, dp, dvp. Just nothing with extreme pain. I want to be blindfolded so I don't know what will happen next. I'm curious to see how many guys I can handle at once and how many I can take over and over. The thought of all those men...all that cum...all trying to please me...is such a turn on!
How many days in a row have you had sex with your partner?? Be honest !!! Don and I are on day 18
Married guys that are "in town on business". Big red flag or do you not care?
Taking one for the team. Thoughts?
Where are some of your favorite places to play outdoors?
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